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john indiveri / Creative Director & Founder

For as long as he can remember John has had a camera in his hands, very early on his first camera was a Polaroid camera! He graduated up to his parents Nikon film camera and things really took off. John has always been around music in some way or shape, from playing in various bands to audio engineering to interning at a major label for two years (Island DefJam). He started shooting shows a couple of years ago, developing relationships with bands and labels- enjoying every minute of it.

John started Music Wire Media with the prime objective of bringing music news, concert reviews and artist spotlights across all genres to our readers. If it’s music related, MWM has you covered.

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Jonathan Stark / Sr Contributor

Jonathan is a professional photographer based in Grand County, CO. With an affinity for shooting live shows, there’s no doubt you’ll catch him shooting at a show near you.

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Marc Klein / Contributor

Marc is a Florida native, that has grown up loving the great outdoors in sunny south Florida. I spend most of my mornings chasing the light to bring smiles across Facebook and Instagram

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Cristina Pelino / Contributor

Cristina enjoys capturing special, and important moments in people’s lives that turn into everlasting memories for her clients.

Along with this, she loves photographing live music and seeing the band’s energy on stage tell a story through her images. Check out her personal portfolio at

Trina O’connor / Contributor

Trina has had a lifelong passion for photography. She loves capturing the the intensity of live performances and have been photographing concerts off and on since high school. During college at Georgia State University, Trina joined The GSU Signal as a news photographer and also 88mag WRAS 88.5 as Photographer/Photo Editor. She then started getting assignments for many local and regional media outlets.