I Prevail w/ Issues and Justin Stone

Review and Photography by Courtney Drake


The Indianapolis date of I Prevail’s highly anticipated summer headliner - known as The Trauma Tour, in honor of their third full length titled Trauma - started off with an almost torrential downpour throughout the city. However, once inside, attendees were able to forget about the nasty environment just outside the venue and focus on their favorite bands for a few hours.

First to take the stage was Columbus, Ohio native Justin Stone, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist whom was featured on I Prevail’s song “Rise Above It.” Although most of the crowd seemed to be unfamiliar with his music, he had no problem at all getting fans energized for what was to come. Justin even went as far as getting into the crowd, climbing over tables and jumping barriers to get up close and personal with everyone that he could. At the end of his set, he surfed out into the middle of the crowd to have them hold him up as he stood atop of their hands.

Next on the bill was Issues - a four piece from Atlanta, Georgia. They played a number of fan favorites from their discography, including “Hooligans,” “Never Lose Your Flames,” and “Mad at Myself,” along with their latest single “Tapping Out.” As a long time Issues fan myself, I was ecstatic to hear such songs as those make it to the stage. The crowd appeared to be just as happy to see this band as they were to see I Prevail, and they definitely did not disappoint. Bangers like “Never Lose Your Flames” were able to turn a number of Issues fans into sobbing messes as they sang along to the heartfelt verses of the songs. 

I Prevail ended the night with a 15 song setlist, leaving fans craving more. The energy-filled Detroit, Michigan natives loaded their time slot with hits such as “Stuck in Your Head,” “Bow Down,” and “Low,” most of which were from Trauma, their latest release. In addition to the stellar performance, there were an abundance of visual effects (i.e. lasers, smoke, etc.) that only served to enhance the experience. It was blatantly obvious that all 5 members of I Prevail thrive in every moment that they spend onstage, pouring their hearts into a performance for a nearly sold out show. They ended the night by asking the crowd to sing along to their final song, “Come and Get It,” as loud as they could if they wanted the band to return to Indianapolis. Of course, it seems that they will have to return as a headlining act very soon, although they’ll be returning to Indiana as support on A Day to Remember’s fall tour this year.