Godsmack with Halestorm and Monster Truck 10.1.19

Article and Photography by John Indiveri


Godsmack brought their World Tour to Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL on October 1, 2019! This was a rock show of all rock shows featuring not only Godsmack but Halestorm and Toronto’s Monster Truck. Although the venue wasn’t sold out, the 4,000 person strong crowd sure made it seem that way. 

As far as the weather goes in October for South Florida, you couldn’t get much better than this evening for an outdoor rock show. Temps were down, humidity was low and a great breeze was keeping fans comfortable. 

First to the stage was Toronto, Candadas’ Monster Truck. This was my first time seeing them (although that may be a lie as they looked and sounded REALLY familiar), and provided that classic rock and roll you just want to headbang to. The guys of Monster Truck brought the energy to the stage to amp up the crowd as they were filing in, getting everyone involved. 

Next up was the incredible Lzzy Hale and Halestorm. I’ve been looking forward to seeing them live and the opportunity to photograph them for some time now - tonight was the night! Halestorm knows how to drive up anticipation before coming on stage - with the lights out and after a few minutes we hear Lzzy come over the mic with one loud rock scream and a “Are you ready West Palm Beach?!”. The crowd goes WILD, and with that Lzzy and crew file out onto the stage. With the lights still dim, one overhead spotlight illuminates Lzzy at her mic - dressed in all black leather with her black Fender.


They go into song after song - rarely with a break - keeping the fans moving! Towards the end of their set, Lzzy and her brother Arejay brought their Mother (who was in attendance) onto the stage to pay homage. They told the story of the day they decided to tell their Mother they were starting a rock band - it was truly touching! 

Last up was veteran rock n’ roll vets GODSMACK. This was my third time seeing them and second time photographing them - I knew I was in for a treat. The lights slowly illuminated, pointed at Sully’s mic with the fog machine creating a very cool silhouette


As the set got going, Sully made it clear that not only will they be playing a number of songs off their current album ‘When Legends Rise’ but also a good number of older tunes. They did not disappoint! They played older tunes such as “Whatever”, “Awake” and “I Stand Alone” to new songs “When Legends Rise”, “Unforgettable” and “Under Your Scars”. Their stage presence was on point as usual - with Sully making his rounds across every inch the stage had to offer and Robbie getting the crowd amped up. 

Godsmack has 11 more shows on this run, be sure to grab your tickets!