Emmure Fall 2018 Tour - Revolution Live


November 6, 2018

Wage War
Stick To Your Guns

On Tuesday, November 6th Revolution Live brought the heavy with the Emmure Fall 2018 North American Tour.

The show was packed with hardcore heavies including Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, Wage War, Sanction and Dyneside. All five bands brought passion for their music and it showed, unleashing on the crowd and getting everyone involved.

First up was Dyneside, a local band from the Miami area. I wasn’t very familiar with this band however as I was photographing and listening I liked what I was hearing. One challenge (of many) in photographing live shows is capturing the band as they move around stage. Singer Emmanuel Costa-Maya provided the challenge this night! His raw passion and energy up on stage gave the crowd something to notice, and from what I could see they were enjoying hearing this relatively unknown band and discovering new music.


Long Island, New York’s Sanction was next up. They to were another act that liked movement and showed a tremendous amount of energy on stage. They encouraged this of the crowd as well, getting them to start multiple circle pits and crowd surfing. They went song into song heavy hitting and quickly.

Wage War, a band I was particularly excited to shoot, came up after Sanction. Judging by influx of people at the venue just before they came on, it’s safe to say they had a great following. This Ocala, FL based band opened up fast and heavy with “The River” off their 2016 record “Blueprints” followed up immediate by “Deadweight”, off their most recent album of the same title. They jumped into “Witness” of their recent record then back again to “Blueprints” playing “Alive. They rounded out the evening by playing “Gravity”, a slower more melodic tune which really showcases the depth and range of Guitarist/backing Vocalist Cody Quistad and one of my personal favorites “Johnny Cash” as the ending tune, showing how well the “dirty” vocals of Briton Bond and “clean” vocals of Cody mesh together. At the end of the show they all stood on the stage risers and praised the crowd, which was deserving as they (the crowd) put everything out there on the floor between singing, moshing and crowd surfing. It was a sight to see.

Following Wage War was Orange County, California’s Stick To Your Guns - another crowd favorite. STYG played a mix of old and new tunes, including “Nobody” and “Against Them All”. This band supports the “straight edge” lifestyle and as well as being together as a music community. Singer Jesse Barnett made a great speech regarding this, something the crowd went crazy for. Quite touching. During their performance, one adventurous fan crowd surfed his way to the front and leverage a security guard to reach out and give Jesse a high five, a moment I was able to quickly capture!

The headliner of the night was Emmure, a band originally from my home state of Connecticut but now reside in Queens, NY. This metal/hardcore outfit has been on the scene since around 2003 and they did not disappoint the crowd. Every song was a hard hitting, in your face adventure across a few different albums, with the crowd going crazy as each song progressed. I don’t think the moshing and circle pit stopped!

If you are able to catch any of these bands live, do not miss the opportunity. They do not disappoint!