Blessthefall - Hard Feelings Tour 2018

Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - September 9th


A War Within
Thousand Below
The Word Alive

Blessthefall, Hardfeelings Tour

What else can I say about this band but WOW. They brought their heart, their passion and unleashed it on the fans at Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Blessthefall, hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona has been a mainstay in the metal scene since their inception in 2003. Comprised of vocalist Beau Bokan (vocals), Matt Treynor (drums and sadly leaving the band after this tour to focus on his family), Eric Lambert (guitar, vocals and also happens to be a real estate agent), Jared Warth (bass, vocals), and Elliott Gruenberg (guitar) they are a group of extremely talented musicians with some of the best guitar riffs I’ve heard in some time. They came out of the gate strong and didn’t hold any energy back the whole set.

Beau came out under dark, purple lighting wearing a white hoodie looking pretty mysterious.The first song of the set was the hard riffing, anthem like single, “Wishful Sinking” which the crowd went nuts for. They followed that up with the powerful “Cutthroat” (one of my favorites) and equally hard hitting “Hollow Bodies” sending the crowd into a full on mosh pit. The steady flow of people moving around and crowd surfing was amazing, especially from my view on the stairs where we had to shoot the first 3 songs. The energy these guys demonstrated on stage, running around and getting the crowd engaged, was a testament to their music and years of experience performing.

Later in the set, they slowed it down by playing “Sleepless in Phoenix” and “Keep Me Close” which gave the crowd some time to breath and sing along. They closed out the show with “Welcome Home”, a touching song to say the least and fitting to send the fans home on. After the set was over and equipment broken down, they took the time to meet the fans at their merch table and take some photos, sign autographs and chat.

If you get the chance to these guys, jump on the opportunity. They do not disappoint!

Wishful Sinking


Hollow Bodies

Welcome Home