August Burn Red Brings their '10 Years of Constellations' tour to Revolution Live

By John Indiveri

August Burns Red brought their ‘10 Years of Constellations' tour to Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Wednesday, July 31st to a near sold out crowd! With a broken A/C, packed house and tons of sweating people you would think it would dampen peoples spirits - well it did not! 


ABR set out to celebrate the album, released 10 years ago, by going on a national tour playing the record front to back as well sprinkling in tunes from other records. They determined other songs to play by posing the question to fans on their social media channels - awesome interaction by them to the fans!


The night started off with metalcore outfit Silent Planet, hailing from California. This was my second time photographing the guys in Silent Plant (the first being on their run with The Amity Affliction) so I knew their following would be in for a treat. Front man Garrett Russell took to the stage, amping up the already sizeable crowd to get them moving. As they were getting started, he announced he left the hospital about 20 minutes earlier as he was fairly sick. We have to give Garrett credit - he pushed through the set perfectly despite this set back. Even getting down into the crowd! 


Next up was Ontario rockers Silverstein. This being my first time seeing Silverstein live, I was curious and excited to see them perform. Frontman Shane Told also was battling an ailment, powering thru in an arm sling (due to a broken arm)! 


With their rock/punk/metal mix of flavors, they put on a great show playing new songs such as “Burn It Down” featuring Caleb Shomo of Beartooth and older tunes alike to a packed house.


And finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for. Lights go dark, fans scream in anticipation, System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey’ started to play. From the side of the stage a shadowy figure emerges and walks up to the drum riser, stands on the chair. Lights illuminate drummer Matt Greiner as he stands, fist in the air. The crowd goes NUTS.


Next out was lead guitarist JB followed by Brent Rambler (rhythm), Dustin Davidson (Bass) and Jake Luhrs (Vocals). At this point the crowd is amped and ready to get moving. ABR didn’t waste any time, jumping into the thunderous first song “Thirty and Seven”. Turning around in the pit to take a look at the crowd (and avoid crowd surfers), all I could see was a sea of bodies moving front to back, side to side. My next thought was- this is going to be fun trying to get out of here (there is no clear pit entrance/exit)! Turning back to the action, watching and photographing JB’s amazing fretboard skills was memorizing, and Jakes obvious passion for singing was amazing to witness with Matt’s double kick and cymbol smashing absolutely crushing. As the night progressed they moved into other tunes such as “White Washed’ (a personal favorite), “Marianas Trench” as well as tracks not on the ‘Constellations' album like “Ghosts” featuring Jeremy Mckinnon of A Day To Remember (his part being sung by bassist Dustin Davidson). 

After what seemed about 10 minutes of trying to get out of the pit (so many people!), I made my way up to the upper level VIP are to get a few shots. This is where I could truly take in the amazing effect ABR had on the crowd. This was also an amazing vantage point to see their lighting package in action, and it did not disappoint.


After taking some additional shots from the upper level, I put the camera down and enjoyed the rest of the show, taking it all in. This was my second time seeing ABR and first time photographing their set. Seeing their show from the photographer's perspective was truly unique. If you have a chance to see a show near you, jump on it quickly!