Atreyu- In Our Wake Tour - Revolution Live

November 16, 2018

Memphis May Fire
Ice Nine Kills
Sleep Signals

On Friday November 16th, (yes, I’m fairly late in posting this!) Atreyu brought their “In Our Wake” Tour to Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to a nearly sold out crowd.

The show was packed with rock and metal mainstays! Along with Atreyu was Memphis May Fire, Ice Nine Kills and Sleep Signals.


First up was Minneapolis based rockers Sleep Signals. I was not very familiar with Sleep Signals prior to Atreyu announcing this tour, but as soon as I heard their song “Suit and Tie Suicide” I was hooked. These guys were kind enough to grant me a photo pass to shoot their set along with the rest of the show. And by kind I mean really kind! Upon arrival the venue was having an issue with the photo pass list for whatever reason (I was bounced back and forth from the box office to head of security back to the box office). I caught Robbie and Sean walking by the box office and explained the situation. While Robbie setup, Sean was kind enough to stay with me to ensure I got the pass which we finally did get from I’m assuming the Tour Manager who came out. He even walked me back stage to get into the venue- super cool! They recently put out an EP titled “At The End of the World” (independently, might I add) and played through most of it. Songs included the title track At the End of the Word, Suit and Tie Suicide, Edge of my Sanity and even a cover by Seal! The crowd was very receptive to the guys and they absolutely rocked it up on stage. They are a band I’ll continue to follow, listen to and hopefully shoot with again soon! Awesome guys.


Next up was the “theatercore” group Ice Nine Kills. All I can really say is wow. I knew they were known for their horror themed costumes (to go along with their horror movie themed album they recently put out) but did not expect to see what I did when they came out on stage. Lights go dark, intro music starts and the guys come out on stage and from my spot in the photo pit I was right in front of the bassist Justin Morrow, who played Jigsaw. When the lights came on I was shocked to say the least. It was awesome!! Aside from Jigsaw we had Freddy (Spencer Charnas), Georgie from IT (Ricky Armellino), Jason (JD deBlieck) and a camp goer from the Jason movies (Patrick Galante). They played a slew of songs from their new album including “Thank God It’s Friday”, “American Nightmare” and “A Grave Mistake”. From listening to the album I knew they were heavy, but seeing them live (and in the pit no less) was an experience. Heavy, heavy, heavy is all I can say. And their stage presence, I haven’t seen anything quite like it. A must see band.


Nashville based Memphis May Fire took the stage next. As heavy and loud as Ice Nine Kills was, I think MMF took it up a notch! I’ve listened to MMF for years and this was my first time seeing them live - it was amazing. They put out a new album the day of this show and we were fortunate enough to have them play a few off of it including “The Old Me” and “Heavy is the Heart”. They also played oldies such as “Carry On” and “No Ordinary Love”. The energy they put out on stage was incredible along with the fog machines, made for some very awesome pictures.


Last up was our headliner, Atreyu. It’s been years since I’ve seen them live and I was beyond excited to see them again. Getting to photograph them was icing on the cake! The photo pit was a madhouse, as to be expected. It’s not a very big area and I counted at least 7 fellow photogs. But like a choreographed dance, we moved around the pit and got the shots we needed to take. They started off with a bang, playing their first single off the new album “In Our Wake”. They also played “The Time is Now”, “Terrified” and some oldies including “Exes and Ohs” and “Right Side of the Bed”. Alex is one amped up frontman, where he gets his energy I’m not quite sure. He moved from one side of the stage to the other in seemingly two strides and of course, the stage wasn’t enough for him. He went into the side VIP area, the side ADA area and even on the floor to be amongst the moshers. Sick! At one point I was upstairs shooting some long shots and decided to make my way back downstairs to snap a few more pics and buy some merch from the Sleep Signals dudes. As I was walking down the stairs, up comes Alex! And for some reason no one seemed to notice (he’s that quick). I turned myself right around and followed him up into the bottle service VIP area and snapped off a few more photos as he sang up there. He wanted to be sure to cover all bases, which is very cool. A unique moment of a lifetime. Not to be shown up, bassist Porter McKnight made his way through the crowd while playing. These guys are just simply awesome!