311 Brings their Voyager tour to west palm beach FL

Article and Photography by John Indiveri

311 landed the mothership to a packed Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL in support of their new record “Voyager’ on August 2, 2019 along with the Dirty Heads, The Interrupters and Dreamers; bringing what is sure to be the summer soundtrack of 2019.


311 is a band I’ve been listening to for roughly 20 years, and seeing their progression throughout that time has always amazed me. There are many things I love about the band but most of all it’s how true to their roots they are, although they progress throughout their career - their overall sound stays consistent. When a 311 song comes on, you know it’s a 311 song. I also enjoy how they have made 311 more than just a band, but a brand as well. Having the opportunity to photograph their set was truly unique and let’s be honest - an awesome experience!

So, let’s set the scene. As typical in South Florida during the summer, we were hit with some strong storms around the time the doors were to open (which also delayed this photog from getting to the venue), pushing back entrance time for safety. By the time I arrived, the Interrupters were already playing their second song - bummer! 

Once the escort arrived to check me in, I made my way over to catch the rest of The Interrupters set. Similar to the last time I covered them, they played hits such as “She’s Kerosene” and “She Got Arrested” - with an energetic stage performance as usual! If you haven’t had an opportunity to catch their live show, do yourself a favor and make the time. You will not be disappointed!

Once their set ended, I made my way around the venue to the photographer meeting spot and got ready to go to the pit for Dirty Heads. This being my first time seeing and photographing Dirty Heads, I was excited to see what their stage presence and set list selection would be. They played a good blend of upbeat and chill songs, starting with Burn Slow - which the crowd went crazy for. The rest of the set was a rollercoaster of summer grooves and dance tunes, I don’t think there was one person sitting! 

Dirty Heads Setlist

Burn Slow
Mad At It
My Sweet SummerDance
All Night
Red Lights
Lift Me Up
Cabin by the Sea
Lay Me Down
Super Moon ft Billy Interrupter 
Moon Tower
That’s All I Need

Once Dirty Heads wrapped up their set with “Vacation” - enlisting the crowd to sing along during the chorus’, I again made my way back to the photographer meeting area excited for what was to come next. 311! 

We head into the pit 10 minutes before the set starts and wait in anticipation. Finally the music switches from the house to the main monitors, getting louder. Here we go.

This is the moment the crowd has been waiting for. The lights dimmed slightly and the large electronic board that serves as the backdrop to 311’s set illuminates with a picture of the earth, coordinates and a countdown clock  - putting people on notice. 4 minutes until show time. 2 minutes. 1 minute. Lights out. Shadowy figures emerge from stage left and behind the drum riser. S.A. Martinez walks around, cell phone in hand filming the crowd. Tim Mahoney comes out, waving to the crowd and grabs his guitar from his tech. Next out was Nick Hexum and P-Nut, slinging their guitars around their necks getting ready. With a wave to the fans by Nick, they jumped right into “Homebrew”. This got the crowd going. After snapping off a few photos, I took a moment to turn around to the crowd. I like doing this to really get a sense of the energy and looking at the thousands of people singing along, dancing and jumping - it definitely fueled my energy (which was much needed - it was incredibly hot and humid!) and fueled the dudes on stage for sure. 

With colorful interchanging lights and designs coming from their backdrop, they transitioned from song to song, including new tracks such as ‘Stainless’ and ‘What The?!’ to classics like “Beautiful Disaster’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Come Original’. The heat and humidity didn’t deter S.A. Martinez and the guys from jumping around stage, and I was quite impressed with Tim Mahoney consistantly headbaning. 

After our 3 song allotment I returned to my seat, put the camera down and joined my Wife in enjoying the rest of the show. There are still 11 more stops left on the ‘Voyager’ tour, be sure to grab yourself a ticket if it’s hitting a city near you! 

311 Set List

All Mixed Up
Beautiful Disaster
What The?!
Come Original
Do You Right
Good Feeling
Beyond The Gray Sky
Applied Science 
Better Space
You Won’t Believe
Don’t You Worry
Creatures (For a While)